Testimonials The Celtic HeArtbeat - Ireland


• The Celtic Heartbeat was a wonderful week for me. It was my first introduction to Ireland, and I now understand why I really wanted to go there for so long! Marleen has organized everything very well. She and her connectedness with Ireland radiate throughout the week! She brought us to age-old places with a great primal earth power that you felt immediately upon arrival. We stayed in the middle of nowhere in Lynn’s beautiful, welcoming B&B. And there is so much more to say ... It’s a week not to be forgotten!


Monique Hinfelaar, visual artist, Delft, 50 years old


• I enjoyed the week in Ireland immensely. The program components yoga, walking, and music were all great. The variety was very nice, as was the choice that we always had in it. There was a clear structure in the whole week and and in the yoga program. The accommodation was great: a nice garden, we were well looked after, and there was a cozy atmosphere. The atmosphere between the group members was very friendly. We got to know each other better and better, also because of the intention setting cards we drew every day. During walks we had alternating deep conversations and just a lot of fun.




• I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful week with all the heartwarming people and positive energy. I have experienced this trip as very positive with room for rest and self-reflection. It is a beautiful country to come home to yourself. This was also my goal. During the workshops I learned a lot about myself, which I already knew subconsciously. The group was cozy, the atmosphere was good (despite not knowing each other in advance) and the accommodation and the hostess were great. Keep it up!


Sandra van Vucht, mother, 34 years old, Someren


• I am still enjoying Ireland and our week together ;-). Walked on wings for a week ;-).




• A very special trip in beautiful Ireland with nice people and a nice program, where Marleen takes you to special places. The trip has done me well. I felt very good and powerful after the trip.

Cathy, 47, works with children


• If someone can show you Connemara, it is Marleen. She knows the area like the back of her hand and takes you to places where you would otherwise not come, which sometimes leads to encounters with special Irishmen!


Esther Kersten, 43, executive secretary, Zaandam


• The trip was wonderful, the location beautiful. The energy was fantastic. I liked it a lot, I have learned a lot about myself and I really like that we met each other!?


Astrid Thijs, mosaic artist and mother


• I thought it was a very special journey. The yoga and walks did me good. The environment is very special, beautiful beach, nice guesthouse, fantastic garden. You are a warm, friendly, beautiful woman with lots of qualities and courage. Thanks for everything.

Thank you, Jeanette


• I would like to return to the peace, the silence, the wind, my princess room and a warmth radiating and trusting Marleen.



• I have experienced this trip as a real group journey. It was a nice introduction to Ireland. It was nice to occasionally go into a group of people. I have experienced the flexibility in myself. It was a wonderful trip with yoga, walking, sharing, dancing, laughing and meeting new people. And how have I experienced you? Of course as if I already knew you, having a lot in common. You give a lot of space to others. So keep it up! If you need an employee, I ‘ll sign up. With love, Mir.


Mirjam de Graaf, teacher SBD, 48 years old, Doetinchem


• The earthly energy of Connemara, the environment, The Anglers Return, meditation and yoga have brought me peace and showed me that things are going well for me. That I can stay more and more with myself and be myself. And very nice, I'm at home continuing to meditate and do yoga in the morning and that's nice! In short, I came home relaxed with charged batteries, with the plan to go back to Ireland!



• Hi Marleen,

Nice to read that the weather has been beautiful on this special week in Ireland, with some "new" places that have been visited. The two times that I was there are very dear to me. It is nice to know that there are always places where it is good to be. As I can see on the photo, there were "old acquaintances".

I myself made a "trip" in the Sinai desert during the last May holiday. Another place on our planet where there is nothing more than being yourself.

Back to basic, sleeping under the stars, walks and landscapes that make you quiet. A coincidence? The woman who makes these trips possible is called Marleen, just like you! I am happy with these "Marlenen" and continue with "my journey", who knows we might meet again.

All the same for Lynn if you speak to her.




• The content, the presentation, the energy, the logistical organization, the general impression were all fantastic. I have taken home calmness from the trip and have experienced that I can be curious / surprising. Fun to discover.



• The country is rugged, beautiful and takes you completely out of everyday life. It makes you forget your work and problems. It is a country to discover yourself while you are walking. The weather was great in all odds.


Ria Langman, Apeldoorn, school social worker, 56 years


• I loved to experience Ireland / Connemara: the space / the vastness, the peace, the purity of the air and yet also the mystical. I even liked to be at the beach. I do not usually like that ... And I have not mentioned the Anglers Return yet .... Lynn is a wonderful person; if I have had real contact with someone, it was her.


So long!


Toodles, Ans