your guide - Marleen van Haastrecht

Marleen van Haastrecht - founder of Born to Dance and Yoga in Lochem


Marleen is a therapist, a teacher in heart yoga, dru yoga, and dance and a teacher trainer for Movement Dynamics and Touch for Health. She is currently based in Lochem, the Netherlands. She has taught hundreds of people in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire and has worked with the DISC communication model as a coach/ trainer. From a holistic point of view and with much pleasure, she gives heart yoga, dru yoga, dance and massage and is your guide on inspiring yoga and dance retreats and holidays, that bring body, heart, & soul together. 


She is the proud mother of four sons. All of her sons are Born to Dance. 3 of them are dance teachers and the other one plays music (among other things :)


Marleen is also a Dance for Health teacher (dance for people with Parkinson, MS and Rheumatism).


Sources of inspiration and influences:

*the colors of the Caribbean and "barefoot on the beach" dancing

*nature of Connemara, Ireland

*the charm and "joie de vivre" of France

*the soul of Flamenco and world music

*the temples and wisdom of India

*the connection with people from different cultures with their strength, love, originality, creativity, music, and dance

*dru yoga, heart yoga, flamenco, tango, dance improvisation, aikido, diadance, primal dance, Movement Dynamics, and 5-rhythms

*my teachers

*last but not least: her four sons and their circle of international friends + their swing and blues dance communities


Marleen organizes yoga, dance and music retreats and holidays in co-operation with locations and other teachers in Ireland and France.