Ireland - Newgrange & Connemara


8 to 14 May 2019


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A magical yoga, dance, culture & nature retreat in

Newgrange & Connemara, Ireland


During The Celtic HeArtbeat you experience the magic and the beating heart of mother earth in the rugged Irish landscape. During this week you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your own heart and essence and to relax, recharge and get inspired.


The first two days we stay in the Boyne Valley, Drogheda, just north of Dublin. Here we visit Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, the Hill of Tara and the Holy Well of Tara. The megalithic monuments of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth are one of the oldest in the world. They are older than Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. In these megalithic passage tombs you will find very special spiral rock inscriptions. Initiations took place with regard to the Mother Goddess Danu. These monuments were erected by the gods, the Tuatha-de-Danaan, according to stories the people of Atlantis.


In good weather we can do yoga or meditation on the Hill of Tara (Temhair in Gaelic). It is a place that was already a place of worship 3200 years before Christ where magical rituals were performed. Many Irish stories are about Tara. You feel the magic when you stand on this spot. We can also feel the power of 'the Stone of Destiny' (Lia Fáil in Irish) on the Hill of Tara. It was believed that the stone would scream so loudly that it would be heard throughout Ireland when the true king of Ireland came near. From the Hill of Tara you have, on a clear day, a spectacular view of about 25% of Ireland.


After visiting Newgrange and Tara we go to the west coast of Ireland, where we can enjoy the primal energy of Connemara and (weather permitting) the yoga on the beach. In Connemara we stay at The Anglers Return, a special and authentic country house in the middle of the rugged, untouched and magical nature. The farmhouse has a large organic vegetable garden and overlooks the Ballinahinch river and a lake. It has a spectacular view of the “Twelve Bens”. A beautiful place where life is closely linked to the elements.



The week is filled with magic. We start before breakfast with a yoga workshop and continue after an organic breakfast with another workshop. This could be yoga, dance meditation or dance expression, painting or any other interest that appears to be needed by the group.

In good weather we can also use the beautiful garden or the beach for the workshops.


Two afternoons are free for walks, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.


We complete the rest of the afternoon program on the spot, taking into account the offer of the moment and the needs of the group.


It can consist of one of the following activities:


* breathtaking walks along the river, throught the woods and gardens to Ballinahinch Castle

* unique walk or cycle over the Sky Road near Clifden

* cycling,

* swimming in the lake or in the sea

• a boat trip to Inishbofin;

* horseriding

• visit to Roundstone, a harbour village from the 18th century with a fantastic view of the 'Twelve Bens'. The village derives its name from the Irish "Cloch Na Ron" meaning "Rock of the Seals". You can still sometimes spot a seal on a rock. Many painters have taken their canvas out to capture this. Artists and photographer love the special light and are drawn to Roundstone.

Bill Whelan, composer of 'Riverdance', lives in Roundstone and Sting had his second home here. Tim Robinson, writer and well-known mapmaker, also lives at the Roundstone harbor;

• visit the workshop and store of Malachy Bodhrán, a famous Bodhran and instrument maker in Roundstone. (A Bodhrán is an Irish drum);

• visit the pottery in Roundstone;

* bath in the sun or enjoy the sea breeze on one of the two white coral beaches:

“Dog’s Bay” and “Gurteen Bay”. If you're very lucky, you can spot a dolphin in one of these bays

* enjoy a meal locally, in Roundstone or Clifden

            (from Pub-Grub to Haute Cuisine/Fine Dining)

* cooking together in the lovely new kitchen of the farmhouse



the evening program consists of one of the following activities

• walk along the river, through the woods and gardens to Ballinahinch Castle;

• music session in Roundstone or Clifden;

• a short workshop or meditation (twice).




€ 695,- per person based on shared occupancy

Extra charge for a one bedroom

Downpayment € 150




*2 nights bed & breakfast in an authentic Irish ‘guesthouse’

*4 nights bed & breakfast in the exclusive, unique ‘guesthouse’

“The Angler’s Return”

*2 dinners

*10 workshops

*4 afternoon programs

*entrance to Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth  

*1 Musical Performance




*transport to and from Ireland

*transport in Ireland

*4 dinners

*all lunches

*travel insurance


There are cooking possibility at the Anglers Return

and the possibility to prepare our own lunches or picknick



You'll get a very good deal flying to Dublin or Shannon with Aer Lingus or Ryanair

Especially when you book early





Kind regards

Marleen van Haastrecht